Women's Casual Suits

Every sartorial connoisseur should own a couple of casual suits or tailored garments that are worn at events outside of the workplace.

Your style may be understated and subtle or you may be audacious and daring. Whatever your needs and taste, we can tailor a suit that is perfect for you.

We stock over 3000 fabrics, sourced from the finest cloth merchants in the world: 100% worsted merino wools, cottons, linens and more – in all manner of colours, weights, patterns and textures. Your tailoring consultant will provide considered advice and transparent pricing throughout the process so that your suit will perfectly match your needs.

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The true value of casual suits stems from their versatility. Jackets, trousers and waistcoats can be worn separately to substantially enhance and expand your wardrobe. For example, a jacket will easily transform into a summer blazer, with the right accessories.

The most enjoyable aspect of owning a bespoke casual suit is knowing that you'll be the best-dressed person at any event and can carry yourself with a renewed sense of confidence and style.

Warning: casual wear is highly addictive. Before you try on your first suit, expect to be planning your second!

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