Lead Times

The Fitting Process

The bespoke process has changed very little in 200 years. After your initial consultation, when your measurements have been taken and your body figurations have been noted, an individual pattern is cut.

The cloth and trimmings that go into the suit are then set aside (‘bespoken for’), and the team of craftsmen and women begin the 40+ hours of work that go into the creation of your suit.

ServiceFirst fittingBetween fittingsGuide TotalCharge
Regular6 weeks2 weeks8 weeksNone
Express5-6 weeks1 week6-7 weeks£75
Priority Express3-4 weeksAs required5 weeks£125
Baste4 weeks5 weeks then 2 weeks11 weeksNone

The next stage of the process is the first fitting – either a basted suit or a finished garment – depending on your choice of construction method. Fittings are very much a collaboration between tailor and client. Your feedback about the look and feel of the suit is taken on board and your consultant will make their own suggestions as to how the suit can be improved.

Our tailors will then take the suit away and continue working on it, in time for your next fitting.

In accordance with King & Allen’s fit guarantee, the suit is only considered complete when both tailor and client are entirely satisfied.

Whilst lead times may vary according to the individual needs of the suit, above is a guideline as to what you should expect.

Please note – we strongly advise our wedding clients to come and see us as soon as possible – even if there are many months until the wedding. With so many other aspects of the day to organise, it is recommended that you get the suit underway to leave time for other tasks closer to the day.