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No bespoke suit is truly complete without a perfectly-fitted shirt, showing just the right amount of cuff and moving flawlessly with the jacket.

Tailored from 100% Egyptian and Sea Island cotton, our bespoke shirts look and feel completely different to anything you’ve ever worn before.

The perfect bespoke shirt should be both flattering on the body and comfortable to wear. It will frame your bespoke suit perfectly, ensuring that the perfect amount of cuff is shown at the wrist.

At your appointment, your tailoring consultant will take 12 body measurements and detailed posture notes. Using these notes, our tailors cut an exclusive pattern, which we retain for future orders. Our consultants can advise on colour, shape and fit, to build a garment you love to wear.

Styles of Bespoke Shirt

The process of creating a tailored shirt involves many hours of detailed craftsmanship. Attention to detail is key, from the cut of the pattern to the personal monogramming on the cuff.

Styles range from formal to business to weekend casual wear. Your tailoring consultant will guide you through the style choices that are available to you. This allows you to create a truly unique garment.

Options Include

  • Over 1000 styles of cloth in a variety of weights, patterns, and colours

  • 18 different types of cuff

  • 9 types of collar, including cutaway, club, collar tab, hidden button down and wing

  • Add pockets, pleats, and plackets, as well as real mother of pearl buttons

  • Contrasting cloth under the cuff, collar or placket (£20 surcharge)

  • Add that finishing touch with embroidery

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from £150

Perfect if looking for a great-fitting shirt that provides good value for money.

Fully Bespoke

Masculine fit = from £220
Feminine fit = from £280

Provides the best possible fit and is ideal for those that have an unusual design in mind.


... Both options have a 3-shirt minimum order unless they are being bought with a suit.

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