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Alterations Service

Got a garment your love but it doesn't fit perfectly... we can help

At King & Allen, we understand the importance of looking and feeling your absolute best. There’s nothing better than putting on a perfectly-fitted suit that hangs well on the body and looks stylish and contemporary.

That's why we offer a premium alterations service at our Surbiton, Knutsford, Liverpool Street and Birmingham stores. Whether you have an old suit languishing at the back of your wardrobe or you’ve just bought an off-the-peg number that you’d like to fit better, we can help.

Why Alter a Garment?

- Resizing after weight loss/gain

- Fitting new, off-the-peg garments

- Modernising styles

- Upcycling and vintage clothing

Our tailors are able to alter suits and a range of other garments. To find out more, please contact us or book an appointment today.

Types of Alterations

There are so many alterations to choose from, all of which carry their own benefits. Whether you want to lengthen or shorten, let out or take in, modernise or add some classic touches, there is a huge variety of choice available. But what are some of the more popular options and how can they enhance your suit?

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Let Out / Take In

If your weight has gone up or down, you’ll no doubt be wanting your suit to fit as well as it did before. We can take in garments so that they fit better on the body, by adjusting the trouser waist and seat, and by taking in the seams on the jacket.

We can also perform a ‘waist suppression’ (not a form of torture, don’t worry!) where we can cinch in the waist of the jacket to give a ‘v’ or hourglass shape.

We can also let out your suit, to make it more comfortable and hang better. Most suits will have a certain amount of allowance in the seams so that we can do this, leaving you to enjoy your suit again.

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Shorten / Taper


One of the most common alterations we perform is shortening and tapering trouser legs. This is popular for a number of reasons.

Off-the-peg - If buying off-the-peg, you often have to make big compromises with the overall fit and the length of the trousers.

Modernising - Tapering is also popular as a way to modernise a suit that is looking out-of-date. For example, in recent years, we have seen a move away from long, baggy trousers to a more tapered aesthetic where the hem rests on the shoe with either a single break or merely skims the upper part of the shoe for a more contemporary look.


We can also shorten a jacket that hangs too long on the body, which will help to enhance your natural proportions. The correct length sleeve can also add to the overall look of your suit. Too long and you look swamped, too short and the jacket looks badly-fitted.

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Not Sure how a suit should Fit?

For more information on the perfect proportions for your suit, take a look at the video below...

or watch on YouTube

What Happens at my Appointment?

When you book an alterations appointment with King & Allen, you know that our years of expertise and our highly-skilled team of consultants and tailors will offer a superlative service.

When you arrive for your alterations appointment, one of our consultants will ask you what kind of alterations you are looking for and will guide you through your various options, taking your own style into consideration. 

We will ask you to put on your garments, using the changing rooms provided. The consultant will then have a look at how the suit looks, pinning it where it may need alterations and making detailed notes. This is a constant dialogue between consultant and client, with your feedback being of the utmost importance.

We may take some pictures to pass onto our in-house tailor, so that they also have a good idea of how the garment hangs. The consultant will then let you know an overall price and confirm when you can expect to pick up the altered garment.


The prices for your alterations will depend on the extent of the alterations needed and we can give you a definitive price once you come in for an appointment. For a rough guide, please see the following price list for the most common alterations...

Take in / let out Jacket side seams........ £50

Shorten / lengthen sleeves...................... £60

Re-line jacket (machine stitched)....... £180

Re-line jacket (hand stitched).............. £250

Take in / let out waist on trousers........ £35

Shorten / lengthen legs on trousers.... £35

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Our Alterations services are available at our Knutsford, Birmingham, Surbiton and Liverpool Street/London stores. The initial consultation is free, and you can discuss everything with the consultant before committing.

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