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Provides the best possible fit and is ideal for those that have an unusual design in mind. Fully-bespoke suits are entirely hand-crafted.


Fully-Bespoke is the most traditional form of tailoring, giving you the greatest control over the structure and shape of your suit. You have infinite style options to choose from, from outer fabric and button thread, to pocket angle and embroidery. We will help you craft a suit that truly feels you.

The process begins completely from scratch, with your preferred cloth cut to your exact body shape. A Baste Fitting then ensures the fit is to the highest accuracy, as we adjust the floating canvas to meet your exact requirements.

How is it Made?

An individual pattern is chalked out onto your chosen cloth. It is then hand-cut by our head cutter, who oversees the whole tailoring process. After that, the suit is hand-stitched by our team of master craftsmen and women. This team includes a separate coat, trouser and waistcoat maker, a striker, a presser, a seamstress and a buttonhole maker.

It takes over 50 hours of highly skilled work to complete the suit. Hand-stitching ensures that the ‘give’ in the stitches will adjust to your body shape, actually improving the fit over time.

How Long Does it Take?

Approximately 9-12 weeks from first appointment to completed suit.

We have a 6-week Express Service available for a small additional fee.

For the Perfect Fit


Two-piece from £1499

Three-piece from £1949

Should I go Fully-Bespoke?

If you have an unusual design in mind, or you’re looking for a suit that you want to fit absolutely perfectly, then Fully-Bespoke is for you.

But don’t worry, all initial consultations are free, where you can discuss the options and design choices with our expert consultants before committing.

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Fully-Bespoke not needed? Go for Made-to-Measure

Made-to-Measure still gives a fantastic fit and a huge number of style choices, but at a lower price tag.

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