Wedding Suits

A special day deserves a special suit that makes you look and feel incredible.

You should look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day. It's your chance to create a suit that truly expresses who you are, and that matches perfectly with your partner's attire. Whatever you're looking for, we can help convert your vision into a suit that makes you feel extraordinary.

Everyone should experience the satisfaction of having a suit made exactly how they want it, from the finest fabrics down to the buttonholes and embroidery. We have over 3000 fabrics to choose from and endless style options, so you can create a completely unique design to match your personal style and taste.

As well as suits, we also offer a range of bespoke shirts, waistcoats, trousers and overcoats, as well as our premium alterations service.


Women's Wedding Suits

Finding a feminine-cut suit can be difficult. Few tailors offer the right fit, nor have the expertise to bring your vision to life. With King & Allen, you get quality garments, unparalleled service, and ultimately a suit that will make you feel incredible.


Men's Wedding Suits

Your style may be understated and subtle, or you may be audacious and daring. Whatever your needs and taste, King & Allen can tailor a suit that is perfect for you.

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