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A tailored waistcoat can pull an entire outfit together and is an easy way to differentiate yourself from other group members.

A three-piece suit is the ultimate in sartorial sophistication, with the waistcoat being the centrepiece. It is no surprise that their popularity has soared in recent times, in business environments, weddings and social functions.

The addition of a bespoke waistcoat serves both aesthetic and practical purposes. Aesthetically, the waistcoat will transform a traditional two-piece suit into a very special garment: sleek,refined and immaculately turned out.

In a practical sense, a waistcoat provides another layer to keep you warm as the temperatures drop in winter, and allow you to take off your jacket whilst still looking smart in the summer. They are very flattering for the wearer, concealing any excess ‘padding’ around the stomach. They also lengthen the torso, which makes the wearer appear taller and more streamlined.

Mix and Match...

Bespoke waistcoats are highly versatile garments. You can mix and match them with other suits as a form of layering or you can wear them casually to smarten up jeans and a blazer.

Whatever environment you choose, whether it be business, wedding or occasional wear, the addition of a bespoke waistcoat will give you the confidence to know you are always perfectly dressed.



from £320

Perfect if looking for a great-fitting waistcoat that provides good value for money.

Fully Bespoke

from £600

Provides the best possible fit and is ideal for those that have an unusual design in mind.

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