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Referral Programme

Refer King & Allen and be rewarded with money off your next suit purchase

Refer someone to us and they'll receive £50 to spend towards their suit.

Plus... You'll receive £50 off your suit!

There's no limit to the number of people you can refer, so you could save enough to buy a brand-new bespoke suit. Our prices start at £799, so you'd only have to refer 8 people, who go on to make a purchase, and you could get a suit for half-price.

It Adds Up!

We're big fans of building up your wardrobe of suits and this is a great way to go about it. Maybe a classic, navy three-piece, or a more audacious check jacket, or maybe a standalone waistcoat or pair of trousers to mix and match with your current suit. For a jacket, our prices start at £585, so you'd only have to refer 12 people, while our trousers start at £320, so you'd only have to refer 7 people. It all adds up! See here for full terms and conditions.

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These are the pieces that really complete your look. Take a peek at our overcoats, jackets, trousers and shirts for the ultimate sartorial accessory.

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