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Suit Personalisation

From start to finish, your King & Allen consultant will work with you to create a fully-personalised, perfect-fit suit with detailing to match your style and personality.

We believe that everyone should experience the satisfaction of having a suit made exactly how they want it; from the finest fabrics through to styling options and intricate, hidden detailing.  

During your consultation, your consultant will explore all of the options available to you.  Below are a few details that you may wish to consider in advance of your appointment with us.

The Lining

Linings can be a powerful and fun way to add personality to your business suit, stand-out at an awards night or serve as a perfect reminder of a special event.

Whether you like classic neutrals, bold colours or quirky prints, we can help select the perfect lining for you.

Colour Palette

We have a lot of experience in advising how to incorporate colour into your suit. For example, if your wedding colour-scheme is red, you might choose to wear a grey three-piece suit and then have contrasting buttonholes, or have the lining in red as a nod to the overall look of the wedding.

Explore our range of cloths on the Find Your Fabric page and request up to 5 samples to be sent straight to your front door.


level up your look

Print Your Own Design

Let your creativity run wild with a unique, bespoke print. This could be as a subtle lining, a statement shirt or even the whole suit. However bold you want to go, we are hear to bring your vision to life and create a suit truly designed to fit your personality. 

Don't forget the Details...


With a King & Allen suit, you can choose the colour of your buttonholes; from the jacket lapel and sleeves down to the last buttonhole on a waistcoat.

These buttonholes can match the colour of the suit or buttons for a seamless, monochrome look. Alternatively, they can stand-out in a contrast colour or match pocket squares or the suit lining colour. It's a small detail that can look really sleek and make your suit pop.


Many of our clients like to embroider personal details into their suit in a complementary or contrast colour. Such embroidery can be stitched into shirt sleeves, to the inside of a waistcoat or on the melton (the piece of fabric under the collar) of a jacket.

Our business clients often choose to have their initials or name stitched on their suit, whilst our wedding suit clients choose to incorporate their wedding date or a quote from their first song or one of the readings from the ceremony.

Belt Loops, Side Adjusters and Braces

One of the absolute musts for a bespoke suit is that you feel confident and comfortable when you're out and about. To help the fit of your trousers there are a few options to consider:

Belt Loops - Most commonly seen on our more casual trousers, such as jeans or chinos.

Side Adjusters - Come in two different styles (buckles and buttons) to tighten and loosen the waistband.

Braces - Attach to brace buttons that are placed on the inside of the waistband.

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