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The overcoat is a timeless, versatile and statement piece for your wardrobe. King & Allen will help you build a style and fit that will take you through years of winter weather to come.

When it comes to bringing your bespoke ensemble together, no wardrobe is complete without a bespoke overcoat to keep you stylish, warm and dry throughout the colder months of the year.

During the winter months, your coat is a great way to make a good first impression. It can make you feel more confident as you walk into an important meeting, or attend an event outdoors.

Overcoats have been a staple for many years with no sign of fading away, but with so many styles available it can be hard to pick one that’s right for you. The length, sleeves, shoulder-width and the fit over the body are crucial. You may wish to wear it over a suit or prefer a more fitted coat as an alternative to a winter jacket – the choice is entirely yours.

As with a Suit...

The design of an overcoat involves close collaboration between client and tailor. We will guide you through the many design choices available, whilst ensuring the perfect fit.

For example, you may be looking for a traditional coat in a charcoal herringbone worsted. Alternatively, you might want something more modern, such as a camel cashmere with a velvet top collar and hidden buttons. As with our suits, there are no surcharges for any of these options.


Sartorial Secret

King & Allen co-founder Jake Allen gives some top tips on how to properly wear an Overcoat

The Key Styles

  • Crombie - the most well known style. The Crombie is a long, wool coat traditionally worn over a suit. It tends to be single-breasted with a simple design, meaning it’s highly versatile and can be dressed up or down.

  • Chesterfield - another classic style. The Chesterfield is smarter than the Crombie, sometimes including a velvet collar. It tends to be single-breasted but can be double-breasted depending on the style, and is often worn with a suit due to it’s smarter silhouette.

  • Balmacaan - a more contemporary and everyday style that's becoming increasingly popular due to its clean shape and prussian collar. It has a ‘raglan sleeve’, which creates a more relaxed silhouette and minimises seams thereby retaining more warmth.

  • Pea - a shorter alternative to the traditional overcoat style. Based on the English reefer jacket, the Pea Coat is double-breasted with six or eight buttons. It tends to be ¾ length with oversized collar and lapels. It’s ideal for the more casual style.

  • Trench - a lighter topcoat with timeless style, made popular by designer Burberry. Tends to sit below the knee, with a double-breasted front and finished with a belt. The Trench coat typically has sleeve adjusters and epaulettes on the shoulder.

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Building your Overcoat

As with a bespoke suit, an overcoat involves many hours of craftsmanship – from the pattern cutting to the personalised embroidery. The result is a coat that is stylish, practical and carefully constructed to provide many years of service.



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