Bespoke Trousers

As well as beautiful bespoke suits, King & Allen can also make standalone garments, such as shirts, waistcoats, coats and trousers.

A pair of bespoke trousers not only last longer, fit better and look smarter, but they can also add life to your suit through mixing and matching.

As well as suit trousers, King & Allen also offer chinos in a range of different colours to match your unique style.

Style Your Fit

The fit of the trousers is something that tends to move in line with fashion trends (think the extreme wide legs of the 70s) but there are a couple of options that are timeless.

You could go for more of a neutral silhouette in a classic fit if you're looking for something to stand the test of time. In recent years, there has been a trend for a more tapered fit, which looks great in a slightly shorter fit in lighter-weight cloths. Alternatively, a wider leg has been seen making a resurgence on the catwalks, which can look fantastic for a pair of standalone trousers or as part of a tweed three-piece.

Loops vs Adjusters...

Choose between belt loops and side adjusters. Belt loops are more often seen on casual trousers such as jeans or chinos (see below). Side adjusters, with either buttons or a sliding buckle, are a great option for bespoke trousers.

Other options for your trousers include the style of the pockets and whether you choose to have pleats or not. You can discuss all of this with your tailoring consultant at your initial appointment.

Bespoke Chinos

King & Allen also offer bespoke chinos, in a range of different colours. They're a great option for a smart casual look, as they are smarter than jeans but not as formal as some trousers. They are usually made from a cotton fabric, which has some stretch to it, meaning that they are comfortable as well as stylish.

The fit is quite tailored and you can choose how tapered or baggy you would like them to be. The overall look is usually long and sleek and looks great on a variety of shapes and sizes.

The length can also be your decision but we'd always suggest a single 'break' (where the trousers have a single fold in the fabric where they hit the top of your shoe) for a classic, timeless look.



from £320

Perfect if looking for great-fitting trousers that provide good value for money.

Fully Bespoke

from £600

Provides the best possible fit and is ideal for those that have an unusual design in mind.

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