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The 2023 Waistcoat Trend

The waistcoat is the ultimate centrepiece and it’s made a comeback in 2023! It’s a staple that works with any season and is highly versatile when it comes to styling. Whatever your taste, from sophisticated to bohemian, we have your look!


The waistcoat was created by King Charles II in 1666, he proudly decreed it to be part of an Englishman’s correct dress. Initially meant to be worn by men, it didn’t take long for women to start wearing waistcoats or gilets as a form of rebellion against the idea of gender-specific clothing, and became a symbol of non-conformity.

This special garment was designed to be worn under coats, and decorated with colour and elaborate embellishments - which is a service we offer at King & Allen.

Wedding Staple

The waistcoat is a traditional staple in a wedding suit ensemble. It is very popular with our clients because of how versatile it is, and we can cut and embellish it however you like.

A waistcoat is a great way to differentiate yourself from the wedding party whilst retaining the same overall look of the jacket and trousers. It’s also a garment that you’ll likely keep on for the duration of the wedding, rather than the jacket which inevitably gets taken off.

Business and Beyond

Whilst traditionally associated with formal events, the waistcoat has become more popular with casual fashion in recent years. Many fashion runways and celebrities use waistcoats in everyday wear, all thanks to the 00’s revival. A waistcoat is a fantastic garment to simply throw on, and can go from sophisticated to bohemian with little adjustments.

During the warmer months, many people ditch the jacket and don a waistcoat instead, as it’s a great piece to wear if you want to keep cool but still look smart. Popping a waistcoat on top of a top or t-shirt is a great way to elevate your casual look for summer and autumn. You can also consider wearing your waistcoat on its own whilst temperatures are high. This look, made famous by Kate Moss, is a great way to look effortlessly polished.

Choosing a Cut

The options are endless with a bespoke waistcoat. In recent years the single-breasted waistcoat is the most common style. It is a classic silhouette and looks flattering on every body shape - no wonder it’s so popular.

However, if you are looking for something a little more unique and alternative, we have other cut styles available. Check out this handy waistcoat guide that takes you through the cuts and styling options we offer.

In the Detail

Since waistcoats were born to be ornate and embellished, at King & Allen we offer a range of personalisation options for you to choose from. Two very popular details are our linings and buttonholes. You can opt for a flash lining or any pattern/colour for the back of your waistcoat. The bottom buttonhole always remains undone, so you can show it some love by adding a contrasting stitch colour.

Leave the Bottom Button

This etiquette is followed religiously, and dates back to King Edward vii (then Prince of Wales). There are a couple of theories as to its origin. Some say that the Prince undid the bottom button on his waistcoat for comfort whilst riding. Another theory is that he had become too overweight to do up the last button. Whichever theory is true, this etiquette has endured and become a sartorial oddity we have come to adore.

If you'd like to discuss having a waistcoat made or if you have any other questions, contact us today or arrange an appointment here.

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