Celebrating Pride 2022

2022 is a very special year for Pride, as it marks 50 years since the first ever march in 1972. While there were only 700 bravely marching then, this year it is expected there will be over 2 million attendees! Of course, many historical milestones have been achieved since 1972.

Such as, the first legally-recognised same-sex wedding, in 2001; which involved 4 couples in Amsterdam and was ordained by the mayor of Amsterdam. In the same year, many countries followed to legalise same-sex marriages. Now that more and more countries are following suit and legalising same-sex marriage, and pandemic levels have thankfully decreased, weddings are on the rise.


Today LGBTQ+ weddings are changing the game to celebrate love and equality; giving their big day a modern twist and creating new traditions, having ceremonies that are personal and showcases love in all its forms. For example, not everyone feels comfortable with traditional wedding attire, so what other options are there?

Pinterest reports that searches for ‘non-binary wedding outfits’ and ‘wedding suits’ have increased. People are opting for stylish two or three-piece suits for their big day, and are experimenting with different styles, shades and silhouettes. The trend is individuality; whether you are looking for something feminine, masculine or androgynous. Here at King and Allen, we provide a diversity of choice. We want our clients to have the freedom of any colour, style, pattern, or silhouette they want.


You can show off some pride by making a statement with a bold colour suit, or accessorise a simple suit with brightly-coloured shoes. You can also honour pride month in a subtle way such as having personalised embroidery in rainbow hues; this could be your partner’s name, date of wedding, or have it say ‘50 Years of love’ for pride. You can have rainbow print on the soles of your shoes, or cufflinks.

At King and Allen, we are celebrating Pride Month in June and our LGBTQ+ clients all year-round by honouring individuality, inclusivity, and equality. We are proud to be part of such an important movement and deliver a service that brings love together.


Our bespoke suits let every client be their truest self and allow their personality to shine through.


If you'd like to come and see us for a new suit, contact us today or arrange a fitting here

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