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Extended until 10th October!


Every Autumn we start thinking about our options for winter outerwear. Will it be a classic, three-button overcoat in camel? A tweed sports jacket? A double-breasted pea coat? With this in mind, King & Allen have decided to run a promotion with our cloth merchants, bringing a fantastic offer to our clients. From now until the end of September, we will be offering £100 off any outerwear bought in the fabric ranges below. Start planning your Autumn / Winter look today...


House Cloth



Our house cloths are an eclectic collection of lightweight Scottish Tweed, Harris Tweed, Loden and wool and cashmere coating. The hues are all redolent of Autumnal scenes, with beautiful textures and depth of colour.


Classic Overcoats and Topcoats



This Holland & Sherry collection, made from cashmere and merino wool, is the ultimate choice for a superlative-quality overcoat or topcoat. Luxuriously soft and designed to keep you warm during even the most inhospitable of winters, this selection really is the crème de la crème of coating fabrics.


Moorland Tweeds

Another collection from Holland & Sherry, Moorland Tweeds are made in a broad range of patterns, from bold checks to a more subtle herringbone. The colour palette is inspired by the Scottish landscape - from the heather to the blue mountains, to the deep ferns. It's a great choice for a hardy, functional sports jacket with some flair.

Contemporary Overcoats



This last selection from Holland & Sherry really has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a traditional military-style overcoat or something more contemporary, this collection has it all. From classic wools to mohair and alpaca blended fabrics, with a mixture of different textures, it will get your creative juices flowing! 


To redeem this offer, simply book an appointment with us up to the end of September and quote the following code to your consultant: 2020CP100

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