Friends With Benefits

How Our Love Affair With Holland & Sherry Can Benefit You This Spring.

Great relationships are worth savouring and celebrating. For most of King & Allen’s sixteen years, we have worked alongside world-renowned cloth merchants Holland & Sherry. This month, we thought we’d throw the spotlight on their storied history, our close relationship with them and how all of this adds up to a fantastic deal for Spring.

A Brief History


Holland & Sherry began its story in 1836, when George Holland and Frederick Sherry opened a woollen merchants on Old Bond Street. By the end of the 19th Century, they had moved premises to Golden Square, which was known as the focal point for the international wool trade. The business went from strength to strength and have, over the years, acquired around twenty other fabric merchants and relocated to their current headquarters on Savile Row.

Why We Love Them


Holland & Sherry cloths are some of the finest in the world. From their classic, hardy tweeds, to their finest cashmeres, there is something for every taste and every type of garment. Our expertise in suit construction and design is matched perfectly by their magnificent cloths, enabling us to create suits that uniquely align with our customer’s needs. Our great relationship with Holland & Sherry means that, for the month of March, we are able to present our customers with this fantastic offer.

We are offering £100 off any suit in the following Holland & Sherry ranges


City of London

For a classically British suit, you cannot go wrong with this luxurious, yet hard-wearing fabric. Perfect for the day-to-day business suit, it comes in a variety of colours and patterns from a subtle herringbone weave to a bold pinstripe. You can request a sample of City of London here.


Cape Horn

The merino sheep that live in the verdant valleys of Patagonia in South America are known the world over for the fine quality of their wool, which is both strong and also free from pollutants. This cloth comes in a range of checks, pinstripes and other patterns. You can request a sample of Cape Horn here.


Sherry Stretch

Holland & Sherry are not only eminent in the production of classic fabrics, they are also  innovators in creating new cloths. They introduced their Sherry Stretch range a couple of years ago and it has proven to be a really popular choice. Made from wool and Lycra fabrics, it is lightweight and highly breathable. This is a really popular choice with our female clients, due to the fabric's capacity to move with the body's silhouette. You can request a sample of Sherry Stretch here.



The name says it all. This crisp, durable fabric is perfect for travel as it is lightweight and amazingly crease-resistant. Take a look at some of our samples and request a swatch today!

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