King & Allen Photo Competition Winner 2019

Back in April, we invited King & Allen customers to enter our annual Photo Competition. Entrants posted a photo of themselves on social media, wearing a King & Allen suit, using the hashtag #shootthesuit and tagging us.

The judging process was really difficult, with a wide range of fantastic pictures, showing off our customer’s sartorial flair. We narrowed it down to six finalists...


It was then up to our Facebook community to choose their favourite. We had over two thousand votes but eventually we had to count them all and find out the winner!


And the winner is...


Congratulations to Deanne Tomkins who had over 800 votes on Facebook for this absolutely beautiful picture taken on her wedding day! We love her two-piece, grey check  which is a bold, unique suit that still looks classically elegant and so very stylish.

Deanne is the lucky winner of a bespoke suit with King & Allen!

Our other finalists also entered some truly stunning photos and racked up some impressive votes on Facebook. They will be receiving their runner-up prizes in the post very shortly! 

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, we loved each and every one of your entries and look forward to seeing more next year!

King & Allen News
26 September 2019

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