A review of the suits on SUITS

The TV Show – Suits. Some of the finest tailoring on our screens

The TV Show – Suits. Some of the finest tailoring on our screens


This week we have a guest blogger – Tulani Tubi – who is a K&A consultant based at our Liverpool Street showroom.

Watching the TV show Suits these past few months has become an obsession of mine. Not only is the show extremely funny and intriguing, but also it’s the styling of the characters that keeps me engrossed. It is true to say that the hierarchy of the characters on the show is actually displayed through the suits they wear: from a well tailored classic style (displaying power) to a modern more tailored style (showing the character’s youthfulness).


Below is a detailed look into some of the main characters’ style choices:

Harvey Specter has a very classic style when it comes to his tailored garments. He wears a wider lapel on his suit, usually peaked and oftentimes complimented with a ticket pocket and pocket square. These are power moves, which are meant to convey his status as a power lawyer to his colleagues at work, and therefore by the millions of viewers that watch the show each week (The Series 3 finale was last week). He also wears wider ties with bigger knots alongside medium-spread shirt collars, beneath a more traditional length jacket. His main colour palettes for suits are blue and grey, in plain or fine stripes, which again serve to reinforce his status as a dominant, potent character.

Harvey Specter demonstrates effortless style

Harvey Specter demonstrates effortless style


In contrast, the character of Mike Ross (below)  has a more modern style when it comes to his tailored garments. He wears a slim lapel on his jackets, usually notched  and a shorter style jacket which conveys his status of a younger, less experienced lawyer to the viewers and his colleagues. He also gets a wider spread on his shirt collar combining it with a slim tie which works with the unorthodox view the show is clearly trying to establish with him.

Mike Ross from the TV show Suits

Mike Ross from the TV show Suits


Feeling inspired? If you like the look of these suits (or any of the suits featured on the show) then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. With our ‘K&A cloth guarantee’ there’s nothing we can’t source for you and make to your measurements and taste.

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