The Top 20 Best Bond Suits of All Time

Derr derr dum! Derr derr dum…!

James Bond is Britain’s most most famous male style icon, and to celebrate 50 years of superspy superstyle, and the release of Skyfall, King & Allen co-founder, Adam King, gives you the top 20 Bond suits of all time.

So pay attention 007…


Number 10 in our countdown is a flannel chalkstripe, featured in From Russia With Love. A rare example of James Bond wearing heavy weight cloth, and an even rarer example of a bold pinstripe.

Yet despite being 49 years old, this suit has not dated in the slightest (which is more than we can say for the wallpaper and the phone!)




This suit caused a huge stir when Quantum of Solace first came out and it is still hugely popular to this day. This is not surprising really, since every gentleman should own a two button navy blue suit in a worsted wool – just like this one.

If 007 happens to wear it as well, then all the better. The suit had such an effect that it inspired an article written by King & Allen – How to dress like James Bond.





I wasn’t expecting On Her Majesty’s Secret Service to feature in this list, but then I found this stunning wedding suit.

This a really interesting variation on traditional morning dress. Instead, George Lazenby wears a perfectly fitted black suit jacket with notched lapels. The result is a look that sits perfectly in-between lounge suit and formal attire, making it perfect for a wedding. The ice white tie, white shirt and white flower add to the sense of special occasion.

To perfectly compliment this look you really need Diana Rigg on your arm, circa 1969.







It was extremely hard to pick just one suit from Goldfinger – so I didn’t. This hacking jacket was back in the news earlier this year because Harris Tweed have re-released the design.




The only suit on this list that King & Allen won’t be able to make for you; we love this Royal Naval uniform from Tomorrow Never Dies. Strangely, if you were to remove the regalia, the cut of this high gorge double breasted jacket wouldn’t look out of place on the most recent catwalks for Spring/Summer 2013. A word of warning, however: whilst the heavy cloth helps keep the line crisp, you need to be in really good shape to ensure the jacket keeps it’s smooth, clean lines.

The rest of Piers Brosnan’s suits were made in Italy and showed Bond at his most conservative. Predominantly dark grey, and predominantly 3 button, none had enough wow factor to feature on this list.


Whoever coined the expression, ‘Never wear brown in town’, had clearly never watched Thunderball.

The cut of this suit is perfect: the shoulders are smooth and straight, the lapels are slightly rolling and the jacket tapers so well at the waist that it holds its shape despite the button being undone – beautiful! The 6 button waistcoat and matching chocolate brown tie are the perfect compliment. If I had to predict a suit to come back into fashion in the next year, it would look like this.





It is impossible to tell whether the shawl collar DJ would have survived as well as it has, if it weren’t for James Bond. This is the moment from Dr No when 007 introduces himself for the first time with the immortal words “Bond, James Bond”, and so began an association that continues to this very day.





This is a promo shot for Skyfall, showing exactly the same suit, but in a stunning midnight blue. If you’re planning on buying a dinner suit this winter – this should be the one.





It’s linen, it’s white and it’s double breasted – what is there not to love about Roger Moore’s dinner suit from The Man with the Golden Gun. He’s not everyone’s favourite, but Moore embodied debonair like no one before or since, earning this suit it’s place at number 2.





If the shawl collar DJ from Dr No is the peoples’ favourite, the ‘Goldfinger suit’ is the tailor’s favourite. Created by Anthony Sinclair in a very faint Prince of Wales (or ‘Glen Urquhart’) check, this is his famous ‘Conduit Cut’ at it’s very finest.

The reason this suit has gained such immortality is that it is a rare example of a style that has character, but hasn’t dated. It looks good in any environment: the office, a wedding or a day at the races, sharing a cocktail with Pussy Galore.

And so to the best of the rest. 20 down to 11… The ones that didn’t quite make it.


The Spy who Loved Me

Why didn’t it make the top 10?

Because a suit with flares is never going to make the top 10, but the cut of that navy blue blazer is perfect, as are those gold buttons.


The Man with the Golden Gun

Why didn’t it make the top 10?

I love this jacket and would wear it daily, but it isn’t ‘James Bond’ enough to make the grade.


Roger Moore promo shot

Why didn’t it make the top 10?

With the hair, the eyebrows and the fabric of this dinner suit, there’s only so much silky lustre one can handle.



Why didn’t it make the top 10?

Because there’s only space for one white dinner suit in a Top 10 – and that space belongs to Roger Moore.


Pierce Brosnan Promo shot

Why didn’t it make the top 10?

Because, to be honest, it’s a little boring.



Why didn’t it make the top 10?

Because it already features so heavily our Bond Special of the King & Allen newsletter, ‘The Stitch.’



Why didn’t it make the top 10?

Because there were already too many fantastic suits from Goldfinger!



Why didn’t it make the top 10?

Because despite being AMAZING, it is, nevertheless, a playsuit made from blue toweling, secured with a gold buckle. It, therefore, has no place in an article about suits.


The Living Daylights

Why didn’t it make the top 10?

Because, sadly, nothing Timothy Dalton wore ever fitted him very well. It may have been the ‘80s, but Bond should have known better, as the shoulders on this DJ bear witness.


The Living Daylights

Why didn’t it make the top 10?

Because, sadly, nothing Timothy Dalton wore ever fitted him very well. It may have been the ‘80s, but Bond should have known better, as the shoulders on this DJ bear witness.


Ernst Blofeld

Why didn’t he make the top 10?

Because he’s not a Bond. However, Blofeld deserves a mention anyway because when Kim Jong-il copies your suits, you know you’ve perfected the ‘Evil’ look.

I hope you enjoyed the list. My apologies if any of my Bond facts are incorrect. I know there are some true Bond aficionados out there who may have spotted mistakes.

In your honour, here’s Alan Partridge’s classic, ‘Stop getting Bond wrong!” speech.


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