The King & Allen guide to Single Breasted suits

The single breasted suit is the premier suit in a man’s wardrobe. It is the suit he buys before all others because of it’s timeless style and endless versatility.

In modern times, it has come to represent the well-dressed, well-heeled gentleman, and is now so abundant that the singularity of its breasts (so to speak!) is seldom even referred to. Indeed, as tailors, we only really hear the phrase ‘single breasted’ in the context of his older, more traditional brother – ‘double breasted’.

Why are they so popular?

In short, the cut is far more flattering to the majority of male body shape types. The silhouette is more forgiving and it gives the impression (when cut well) that the man is taller and slimmer than he truly is. Men’s style has therefore evolved to embrace this cut, and although double breasted has had a resurgence of late, it is only really the tall and slim, fashionable young men who are ordering it for the first time.

Men’s single breasted suits are more open to interpretation and experimentation.

They can be short, long, single vented, double vented, notch, peak or shawl lapelled – the possibilities are hugely varied, and each change alters the look of the suit dramatically. One could have a wardrobe full of them in different styles and cloths and each would look completely different.

In conclusion, if you are reading this because this is your first foray into the world of tailored suits, we highly recommend that choose a single breasted suit to get you on your way.

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