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The King & Allen guide to… Pinstripe suits

After a hiatus of almost 4 years, pinstripe suits are returning to popularity once again.

Thanks to a resurgence in favour amongst the more fashionable couture brands, the pinstripe suit is losing its association with the pre-recession banking boom and the finger pointing that has occurred since. It is now being taken seriously again for what it truly is – a smart, functional suit that cuts an elegant shape on the body and speaks volumes for the wearer.

When should you buy a pinstripe suit?

Most people who wear a suit every day should own at least 4 or 5 that they rotate regularly, in part to ensure the durability of the suit, but also to show colleagues and clients that there is variation and flavour in their wardrobe. Pinstripe suits are a fantastic sidestep from the classic charcoals and navy blues, and shows the wearer to be a man (or a woman) who is prepared to branch out a little.

How bold or subtle should it be?

The extent of this branching out really depends on the boldness of the pinstripe: the thicker the stripe and the broader the distance between stripes, the stronger the statement. It therefore stands to reason that the person with fewer suits in their wardrobe may be more inclined to favour a fine pinstripe with perhaps a distance of 11mm for their first foray.

The choice of pinstripe is also very much dependent on the body shape of the wearer – your tailor will help with the finer details, but the basic rule is that wide people should not wear a pinstripe suit with a wide distance between the stripes, and vice versa for taller, more slender wearers.

Choosing the Style

One of the best reasons to opt for a men’s pinstripe suit from a bespoke tailor is the opportunity to enjoy the selection process. Most off the peg suitmakers offer the same few designs. Going bespoke, however, allows the customer to add a touch of individuality, however under or over-stated they wish to be.

The choice of pinstripes is vast (we offer over 1000, in various weights, mixes and styles) but also the possibilities to subtly express oneself are endless. There are so many ways, for example that one can tie in with the colour of the stripe, which are all subtle indications that the suit is bespoke: matching the lining with the stripe colour, contrast stitching to the cuffs or boutonniere, a complimenting melton, embroidered initials inside the jacket… the list goes on.

In conclusion, choosing a pinstripe suit from a bespoke tailor is a pleasure no regular suit wearer should miss out on. Book an appointment now and experience for yourself the style choice of the true bespoke suit connoisseur!

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