The King & Allen guide to… Check suits

Check suits are extremely popular with bespoke customers because they look as good in the office as they do at an event. They are a chance to show your individual style and taste. The only suit that comes close in versatility is a suit in a solid colour, however, they do not have the same panache as the check.

They are also one of the hardest suits to buy. They involve slightly more thought regarding shirt, tie and pocket square combinations, but get it right and your suit will stand out as refined, stylish and original.

Bespoke Grey Check Lounge Suits

What style should it be?

Check suits are one of the rare circumstances when a three button suit can look stylish but they must be combined with a waistcoat. We also advise that the jacket is left open.

The one button style is more suited to solid colours, however, the two button jacket is by far the most popular. We would advise that you are not too outrageous with the style choices. It should look elegant and since the cloth itself is already quite ‘busy’, we would suggest keeping the rest of the suit simple and classic. Notched lapels, double vents, side adjusters and an un-patterned tie/ pocket square are ideal.

Should you wear a waistcoat?

They should always be accompanied by a waistcoat. Whilst a two piece looks good, a three piece propels the suit to the realms of magnificence! Wearing a suit like this shows that you take great care in your appearance, as does wearing a waistcoat. It is logical, therefore, that the two compliment one another perfectly.

Bespoke Prince of Wales Check Suits

Choosing the Perfect Check Suit

What weight should it be?

A heavy suit (with a cloth weight of 12.5 – 15 oz) has a country feel to it and indeed, most tweeds have a check that reflects the season or the environment they are to be worn in. However, in recent years, more cloth makers have produced medium weight cloths, which allow the opportunity to sport a similar look yet they are more practical for urban life. This style of suit has, therefore, established itself as the choice of ‘the country gent in town’ – a reputation it can be very proud of.

How bold should it be?

There are many different types of check to choose from. A good rule of thumb is that the smaller the width of the check, the more subtle and understated the final look. A Prince of Wales check in charcoal grey will simply look charcoal grey from 3 metres away, whereas a bold windowpane check in two contrasting colours will be spotted from the other side of the room! It is, therefore, often better suited as a sports jacket. Your tailor will be able to advise on which style will work better for your needs.

What colour should it be?

The reason it’s so hard to choose is because, often, there is the introduction of a second colour… and it’s hard enough choosing one! The two combinations below are certainly a good start:

  1. Grey & blue (with either as the dominant colour) works well and can be combined with white, blue, grey and even light pink shirts.
  2. Grey/blue with burgundy also works well, especially with white or pink shirts.
King & Allen Brown Check Lounge Suits