Suit Design

King & Allen offer a choice of two construction methods for our men’s suits: Modern and Traditional Bespoke. The former suit design is contemporary and high-tech, while the latter follows the Savile Row guidelines for traditional suit-making.

Both have their merits and our consultants are trained to guide you towards the range that best suits your needs.

At the moment, we do not offer our modern bespoke range for our women’s suits as women’s bodies need a baste fitting. We use the traditional bespoke construction for our women’s suits, which allows us greater control over the fit of the suit.

Modern Bespoke

Available for Men’s Suits

  • A bespoke suit tailored using cutting-edge technology.
  • Choose from our extensive range of house cloths for excellent quality at a fantastic price or gain access to luxurious fabrics from the world’s finest cloth merchants.
  • Select your style from our large array of design options.
  • We use computer-aided design software to draft a pattern to fit your unique measurements and posture.
  • Your suit is constructed using a canvas chest piece (for structure and shape) with a padded, rolling lapel.
  • Fewer fittings ensure a faster process.

The best of traditional meets the best of modern…

What is a Modern Bespoke suit?

Our Modern Bespoke suits are constructed using many of the same techniques that we use in our Traditional Bespoke suits, however, our tailors have embraced advances in technology to increase efficiency and value for money.

Your tailoring consultant will take a full set of measurements and posture notes at your initial consultation. The result is a beautiful suit that fits better than any you’ve worn off-the-peg.

How is it made?

In our Modern Bespoke workshop, our tailors have taken advantage of computer-aided design and laser-cutting to improve the efficiency of the tailoring process. This makes the process faster; reducing lead times, costs and the number of fittings required.

While the construction methods are less romantic, the end product is comparable to a traditionally made bespoke suit – exquisitely finished and extremely hard-wearing.

Who is this range for?

If you want a well-fitting suit that provides outstanding value for money, we recommend our Modern Bespoke range.

How much does a Modern Bespoke suit cost?

Prices for a two piece suit in our Modern Bespoke range start at £499 and can be completed in as little as five weeks (express charge applies).

Traditional Bespoke

Available for Men’s and Women’s Suits

  • Your suit is handcrafted according to the Savile Row Bespoke Association guidelines, but for a fraction of the price.
  • Choose from over 3000 luxurious fabrics, sourced from the world’s best cloth merchants.
  • The style options are infinite.
  • A unique pattern is drafted by hand to fit your individual body shape.
  • Your suit is hand-stitched throughout and features a fully floating canvas for exceptional structure and drape.
  • Construction requires over 50 hours of highly skilled work.
  • A baste fitting, before the suit is completed, allows us greater control over the fit, resulting in a suit that fits perfectly.

The traditional Savile Row experience…

What is a Traditional Bespoke suit?

A Traditional Bespoke suit is made how suits on Savile Row have always been made. They are entirely hand-crafted and feature a full floating horsehair canvas for outstanding structure and shape.

You will also get a baste fitting, as per the tailoring guidelines set out by the Savile Row bespoke association. The baste fitting is an opportunity to try on a mockup of the suit, midway through the tailoring process, allowing us to fine-tune the fit and style of the suit.

How is it made?

An individual pattern is chalked out onto your chosen cloth. It is then hand-cut by our head cutter, who oversees the whole tailoring process. After that, the suit is hand-stitched by our team of master craftsmen and women. They include a coat, trouser and waistcoat maker, a striker, a presser, a seamstress and a buttonhole maker.

It takes over 50 hours of highly skilled work to complete the suit. Hand-stitching ensures that the ‘give’ in the stitches will adjust to your body shape, actually improving the fit over time.

Who is this range for?

If you want the best fit that bespoke tailoring has to offer, we recommend the Traditional Bespoke range. It is also an ideal choice for someone who has an unusual design in mind, as we are able to accommodate most style requests.

How much does a Traditional Bespoke suit cost?

A two piece in our Traditional Bespoke range starts at just £899 and takes approximately 11 weeks to complete.