Getting Dressed As Part of a Routine

As the world grapples with the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are being asked to work from home. For those unfamiliar with remote working, this has come of a bit of a shock to the system. With psychologists and pundits alike advocating the importance of routine to remain grounded amidst the chaos, we thought it might be helpful to look at the psychology behind getting dressed for your work day, why it is important and what you should wear to be your best (work at home) self.

First and Foremost…


These are uncertain times that can be unsettling for some, if not all of us. It’s important to remember that everyone is doing their best and if you need a couple of days in your pjs, wrapped in your fluffiest, most comforting dressing gown then do it. Be kind to yourself. But, there is something to be said for getting dressed in the morning. Read on to find out why…


Mindset Shift

While we’re not saying you should wear a full three-piece suit to work from home like Karl, our Wilmslow Store Manager, there are plenty of benefits to putting on ‘work clothes’ in the morning. Psychologists the world-over are explaining the reasons why routine is so important during uncertain times. Routine helps us feel grounded and connected, it provides a fixed point for us to return to amidst chaotic circumstances. Establishing a daily routine, from simple things such as when you get up and when you go to bed can be really helpful for our well-being. 

And getting dressed can be an important part of that routine. There is a shift in mindset that comes from getting up and getting dressed in the morning. Our clothes are usually a way for us to express ourselves and to tell the world who we are but when you’re working from home, this focus turns inward. We are dressing for ourselves. And maybe the occasional video-conferencing call!

So this could come in many forms. You might wish to still wear a three-piece suit, it might put you in the correct frame of mind for work. You also might want to wear something more comfortable, as Instagrammers are showing us through the hashtag #workfromhomestyle.

The point is to feel that you’ve made a decision to move from the sleeping portion of your day (pyjamas) to the working portion of your day. Come 5pm, you might also want to change out of your work clothes as a signal to your brain that the work day has now concluded. Find out what works for you.

As we said, these are unprecedented times and everyone is doing the very best they can under extraordinary circumstances. A few small adjustments can change your working-from-home day but, ultimately, you should find what works for you and what doesn’t.

Let us know what you’re wearing from home. Are you still sticking to suits? Are you embracing loungewear in a big way? Have you rediscovered any old favourites in the back of your wardrobe? Let us know on our social media platforms and let’s carry on the conversation.

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