Style Predictions 2016, Part 2

On the blog last month we gave you Part 1 of our annual Style Predictions. As you yourself may have predicted, here is part 2


1. Wearing roll necks with suits


Idris Elba

Roll necks featured heavily at London Collections: Men last year and we saw the look on models and film stars throughout 2015. Now it’s time to take the plunge. Roll necks are elegant, stylish, practical, easy and warm! Roll neck quick tip: the heavier set you are, the thicker the cloth should be


2. Gauntlet cuffs


A lovely example of a rounded gauntlet cuff

A lovely example of a rounded gauntlet cuff


Originally derived from 1920s overcoats, the sleeve (or gauntlet) cuff is very rarely seen on a lounge suit. For that reason alone it’s a subtle but very interesting choice. We don’t charge for this option, and it looks fantastic – especially in Prince of Wales check. Coincidentally, HRH is a big fan:


3. Bespoke Suits with Trainers


This look works because the trainers are simple, the suit is slim cut and the colours compliment.

This look works because the trainers are simple, the suit is slim cut and the colours compliment.


Wearing trainers with a suit can add youthfulness and vibrant playfulness to your look. But they must be worn with caution. Here are our top tips:

Make sure that your suit is well tailored, and relatively slim fitting. The trousers can’t be too long or wide at the ankle.

Keep the trainers simple, monochrome and clean!

Avoid trainers that are too chunky or too slender – especially on the sole.

Think about layers, colour and accessories. It’s important to show that you chose this look, and that you’re not just walking home comfortably from the office!

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