Icon of the Month Special – Nick Wooster

Every month in the King & Allen e-magazine, The Stitch , we feature a famous person who dresses well. In the latest edition we celebrate a person who is becoming famous because he dresses well. Nick Wooster is a style blogger and retail advisor based in New York, whose ability to consistently put a great outfit together has made him a ‘street style’ star, culminating in a mention in this very blog in an article above about accessorising a suit.

Below are our Top 10 examples of how Wooster cuts a great dash, using combinations of cloth, cut, colour and, of course, clever use of accessories:


10. What we love:

-The cut and length of the jacket.
-The dichotomy between the conservatism of the charcoal suit and the shoes/short trousers.
What we don’t love:

-The shirt sleeves look so long and baggy that they’re actually affecting the fall of the jacket sleeves.
-The sunglasses.


9. What we love:

-The colour combination
-The fold of the pocket square
-The short tie pin
-What we don’t love:

-The cut of the jacket on the shoulders
-The length of the tie


8. What we love:

-The cut of the jacket
-The contrast coloured buttons
-The rope head sleeve
-What we don’t love:



7. What we love:

-The Look – a modern take on an american WW2 pilot
-The gold collar pin
-The combination of shirt, tie and tweed colours.
-What we don’t love:

-The sunglasses


6. What we love:

-The balance of summer smart and summer stylish
-What we don’t love:

-The shoes – the look would work much better if they were brown.


5. What we love:

-The cut of the jacket
-The milled finish of the cloth
-The tie bar (and the way it makes the top of the tie slightly protrude)
-The brave combination of striped shirt and checked tie
-What we don’t love:



4. What we love:

-The use of three different tweeds (note that the tie matches the trousers) and the juxtaposition with the casual blue shirt.
What we don’t love:

-The length of the shirt sleeves – shocking!


3. What we love:

-The unique colour of the suit
-The subtle blue hue of the pocket square
-The button downed collar on the shirt
-What we don’t love:

-The matching tie and suit
-The sunglasses (again!)


2. What we love:

-Everything! This is a perfectly executed winter business suit in chalk stripe flannel.
-What we don’t love:



1. What we love:

-The layering – a heavy wool suit combined with a thin navy cardigan – perfect for a crisp autumn day.
-The fact that the patterns on the jacket and tie should clash – but don’t.
-The glasses – finally!
-What we don’t love:

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