Women’s Pricing - Frequently Asked Questions

A question we often get asked is why our prices for women’s suits are different to those for men’s suits. In the interests of transparency, we wanted to clarify our pricing structure and have put together a list of FAQs.

What is the price difference?

We make all our women’s suits in our Fully-Bespoke range which takes many more hours of work than our made-to-measure range, so has a higher price. We then charge an additional £100 as the tailoring of women’s suits is more complex.


What are the differences in men’s and women’s tailoring?

In the tailoring world, the ‘cutter’ (the person who creates the suit pattern), will be a specialist in either cutting suits for men or women, they will never do both.

There are significant differences in the cut of men’s and women’s suits, caused by the greater variance in female body shapes and a greater number of ways each female client will desire the suit to fit. This results in a pattern for a woman’s suit having far more scope for variation than a man’s suit.

At King & Allen we embrace these additional challenges. We have only achieved our fantastic reviews by making the process work perfectly for tailor and client. Using our traditional construction with a baste fitting ensures the perfect fit whilst the small surcharge covers our additional tailoring costs.


Why do you only offer women your fully-bespoke range?

Our made-to-measure range uses computer-aided design software to draft a pattern to fit your unique measurements and posture. There are some limitations on how much this pattern can be altered and women’s body shapes are, in our opinion, too varied for this to be a viable option.

Our fully-bespoke range uses Savile Row Bespoke Association guidelines to handcraft your suit. We will consult with you to find out how you would like the suit to fit on your body and then tailor it accordingly. The pattern is completely unique to your shape and you will have a ‘baste’ fitting half way through the process. This allows you to try on the shell of the suit and see how it fits before we even complete it, allowing you and the tailor to make the changes required to ensure a perfect fit. We always want our suits to fit beautifully so we decided to only offer women our Traditional Bespoke range.

Why is there a difference in price between men’s and women’s fully-bespoke?

We place a small surcharge of £100 for female suit. This slight difference between the men’s and women’s fully-bespoke price is due to the pattern-making and fitting process being slightly longer for women. Our tailor gives more time to cutting patterns and making adjustments, which adds to the overall cost.

Ultimately, we want to offer our female clients an incomparable service, in addition to a finished suit that is both stylish and flawlessly-fitted. We feel that our fully-bespoke range is the ultimate way to guarantee your dream suit.


What if, as a woman, I would like to try the made-to-measure range?

If you would like to try our made-to-measure men’s range, then you are welcome to try on one of these jackets. We find that anatomically the female shoulders are smaller so often don’t suit this cut but we are more than happy for you to try one on. If you like the fit, you can have a suit made at the Men’s Men’s modern bespoke suit prices, starting at £499

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