Formal & Dinner Suits

In 1865, the Prince of Wales commissioned a shortened morning jacket for evening wear from his tailor. From those regal beginnings, Dinner Suits (also known as Black Tie or Tuxedos) never lost their grandeur.

With their simple design and sharp silhouette, formal suits will always be the most elegant item in a gentleman’s wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional morning suit or a modern dinner suit, we have expertise in all aspects of men’s formal wear.
Your consultant will guide you through the many fabric and style options available. They will provide you with considered advice on the cloth and construction so that your choices perfectly match your needs.

Tailoring Your Dinner Suits

To ensure a perfect fit, we take up to 40 measurements and cut an individual pattern exclusively for you. This pattern is then retained for all your future orders.
The master cutter oversees the construction of the suit, which is conducted by a team of specialist craftsmen and women. Between the coat-maker and the maker of the silk facings, jets and buttons, our men’s dinner suits require over 45 hours of detailed work.
The resulting suit will look and feel exquisite. With the correct care, it should last a lifetime, providing you with outstanding value for money.

A Small Sample of our Formal Suits


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