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Bespoke business suits, tailored with precision to your unique measurements.

King & Allen Navy 3 Piece Business Suit

Imagine how it would feel to wear a business suit that actually fits you.

If you’ve been wearing the same old, ill-fitting suit every day for work, you will know that it’s both uncomfortable and unflattering. No one should feel that way, particularly when attending important meetings or making presentations.

We carefully tailor our men’s business suits to your body shape, giving you the confidence to know that, whatever your working day throws at you, you are always perfectly dressed.

The process is a close collaboration between client and tailor; from the cloth and style to the lining and buttons, the design choices are yours.

A Tailor You Can Trust

  • From initial measurement to final fitting, your personal tailoring consultant will guide you through the experience.
  • King & Allen offer a fit guarantee. We won’t let you take your suit home until we are both extremely happy with the fit.
  • We cut a pattern, exclusively for you, which we hold for all future orders, saving you hours of shopping in the future.

Tailoring your Bespoke Business Suit

The tailoring process requires many specialist craftspeople. From the head cutter to the buttonhole maker, our suits take over 40 hours to tailor.

We carefully construct the finished suit to withstand the rigors of daily life but it will look and feel exquisite.

Here is what our customers are saying about us…

I Love King & Allen

This is the 3rd suit I’ve bought from them. The first was a wedding suit and the next two were for business. Great fit, great service, infinite choice of cuts and fabrics but always helpful advice to narrow down the option. My go-to tailor and always better than off the peg.

– Tim D.

New Business Suit

Excellent! Fitting appointment was good and the requirements that I had were listened to. I was given some helpful advice about the best fit and design of the suit. The suit is of a good quality and it fits me very well. I’m delighted in particular with the look and fit of the trousers which have always been a compromise with suits I have purchased off-the-peg. I am very pleased and shall be returning in the future.

– David Warner

Wonderful suits!

My husband had two business suits made using the Surbiton branch. The whole experience was a pleasure. They did such good measurements that when the suits were fitted they needed no adjustment whatsoever. For the first time, he has suits that really fit him well and look and feel great. The staff were lovely and provided a truly personal service. We will be back! Thank you.

– Deborah Petty

A Small Sample of our Business Suits


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