5 Wearable Trends from London Fashion Week Men’s AW17

Last weekend, menswear’s fashion elite descended upon London to celebrate it’s 10th men’s fashion week. It was a whirlwind 4 days where over 50 designers debuted their Autumn/Winter collections for 2017.

Whilst it has been a tumultuous time for London Fashion Week Men’s – Burberry decided to drop out of showing last year – the collections have been impressive.

Granted: many looks are not suited to the average man, but there are so many ways that they can be translated into more wearable trends.

Here are our picks of the top trends seen at London Fashion Week Men’s this season that you can actually wear…

Front Row at London Fashion Week Men's

5 Wearable Trends from London Fashion Week Men's AW17

AW17 Trends - Double-Breasted Jackets
London Fashion Week Men's AW17 - Vivienne Westwood, Florin Dobre, John Lawrence Sullivan and Chester Barrie

Double Breasted Suits

Whether worn in a bold check or a solid bright, double-breasted suits were everywhere for AW17, but unlike most “trendy” items, this classic suit will stand the test of time.

Make a statement by choosing a stand-out cloth, or keep it simple with a subtle texture in a neutral colour. If you choose a darker cloth, it will be versatile enough to wear to work, weddings and most social events.

Unusually, we saw a lot of jackets left unbuttoned on the catwalk – something that King & Allen wouldn’t usually recommend. Admittedly, it is certainly a fresher, more relaxed take on the style that could work in casual situations. Otherwise, keep your jacket fastened when standing to really make the most of this sophisticated style.

Roll Neck Sweaters

After several seasons of popularity, did you think you’d seen the last of roll neck sweaters? Think again. Roll necks are more popular than ever.

Whether they were traditional roll necks or modern funnel necks, most men’s collections for AW17 featured this versatile layering piece. Not only do they protect you from the harsh Winter elements, but they look fantastic worn under sweaters, jackets and overcoats.

Keep the look tonal by choosing a colour that matches another garment within the outfit or introduce a pop of colour, as seen at the Kiko Kostadinov and John Lawrence Sullivan shows.

AW17 Trends - Rollnecks
London Fashion Week Men's AW17 - Oliver Spencer, Kiko Kostadinov, YMC and John Lawrence Sullivan
AW17 - Loose Tailoring
London Fashion Week Men's AW17 - Oliver Spencer, E Tautz, Casely-Hayford and Song Zio

Loose Tailoring

After a few years of menswear silhouettes shrinking smaller and smaller, it is quite a relief to see something a little looser on the catwalk (especially after the excesses of Christmas!)

If going from one extreme to the other intimidates you, why not try adding a little more over-body allowance to your winter suits? Even just a little more room in your suits, when cut correctly, will make them look more ‘now.’

If you’d like to go all-in, go wide, add a couple of pleats at the waistband and wear your trousers a little shorter than you usually would. Bonus points if you add turn-ups.

Pin Stripes

Or to be more accurate, pin stripes, rope stripes and chalk stripes.

No longer reserved for bankers and those in very conservative professions, the striped suit is making a comeback!

If you’re looking for a suit that commands attention, choose a stripe. Keep it contemporary, sharp and fine, as seen at Song Zio, or add a traditional touch with a soft chalk stripe, as seen at Topman Design.

A pinstripe looks particularly great in a double-breasted suit, so why not go full “Mad Men” and tick both trend boxes?

AW17 Trends - Pinstripes
London Fashion Week Men's AW17 - Topman Design, Vivienne Westwood, Bobby Abley and Song Zio
AW17 Trends - Luxe Fabrics
London Fashion Week Men's AW17 - Song Zio, Velsvoir, John Lawrence Sullivan and Casely-Hayford

Luxe Fabrics

Never one to disappoint, London Fashion Week Men’s featured some stand-out suits in some seriously luxe fabrics. Velvet is still very popular for Autumn/Winter, but this year, we also saw tonal brocade and textural embellishment.

This trend is all about having fun, using lavish cloth, whilst keeping the suit silhouette timeless and classic. Whilst a full suit in these cloths might be a bit much for most men, a luxe jacket paired with simple trousers is just enough.

Consider a midnight blue velvet blazer to wear to sophisticated evening events, or choose a subtly decorative black cloth for a modern take on the dinner jacket.

Get prepared for Autumn/Winter 2017

If you have been inspired by one of the trends from London Fashion Week Men’s, we would love to tailor you a new suit for the season.

Get in touch with your requirements and we shall take it from there.

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