The King & Allen Guide to: Vegan Suits

Thinking of going green? Cotton is a lovely alternative to wool.

Thinking of going green? Cotton is a lovely alternative to wool.

A vegan suit is constructed in a way that does not use any animal products, meaning that the following must be avoided:

Outer cloth: wool (sheep), mohair (goat), silk (silkworm).

Inner components: silk lining (silkworm), horsehair canvas (horse), wool melton (sheep), horn buttons (deer antlers), mother of pearl buttons (nacre)

Considering that 99% of bespoke suits are made from wool, and the good ones are constructed from horse-hair (although it’s not the mane component!), this can pose quite a challenge.

However, with the huge advances made recently in man-made fibre technology, it is now possible to get a great quality suit that’s comfortable, breathes well and looks great. Moreover, because the production costs are lower, these suits are extremely well priced (starts at £399).

There are of course natural alternatives to ‘future wools’ as they are sometimes known. These include cotton, corduroy and linen.


The Cotton Classics Collection

The Cotton Classics Collection


Cotton suits are very popular in America, where office attire tends to be less formal. Cotton is extremely comfortable and lightweight, and hangs in such a way as to create a relaxed, laid back suit. It’s a great cloth for summer events – especially a country wedding.


The Luxury Velvets Collection

The Luxury Velvets Collection


Velvet is the perfect alternative to wool for formalwear and blazers. It’s beautifully comfortable, warm and looks fabulous. Vegan suiting at its most dandy!


The South Pacific Pure Linen Collection

The South Pacific Pure Linen Collection


Linen has the ability to absorb and lose water extremely quickly, which means it will effectively remove perspiration from the skin – making it the perfect suit material for hot, humid and dry weather. It is light, comfortable and is an excellent alternative to mohair – as it has a similar lustre.

In conclusion, below are our suggestions for the perfect vegan wardrobe:

Workaday suits / overcoats – alternative to wool: manmade ‘future wool’
Summer / Wedding suits – alternative to wool: cotton
Summer / Wedding suits – alternative to mohair: linen
Formalwear – alternative to barathea: velvet / manmade ‘future wool’
Blazers – winter corduroy / velvet
Blazers – summer cotton / linen

Finally, a note on shirts – whilst all our shirts are 100% cotton, please point out if you would like a vegan shirt to ensure you do not receive mother-of-pearl buttons.

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