The K&A Guide to Suit Maintenance

  1. Use a good hangerThe King & Allen hanger is now in its 10th year of development and we’re still improving the design – so that it gives structure to the suit and prevents a crease forming on the trouser – whilst not taking up too much space in your wardrobe. The support a good hanger provides is especially important when you come to…
  2. Shower with your suitsNot literally of course. However much you love your suits please don’t shower with them. Or take them to bed. Instead hang a suit on the back of the bathroom door and the steam will not only remove odours and minor stains but also creases. It will mean you can avoid dry cleaners.Suit Maintenance Tips from King and Allen
  3. Avoid dry cleanersThe chemicals used by dry cleaners are not healthy for natural fibres. If you follow these rules a suit should not need dry cleaning more than once every six months. Even urgent stains should be spot cleaned. The higher the S number the more this advice applies. More than anything else, however, it’s vital you…
  4. RotateAfter you’ve worn your suit if you can hang it in an airy place for a few days and let the natural fibres breathe it will do the cloth, and the suit as a whole, a world of good.
  5. Pockets Avoid using the pockets if possible. A large wallet, for example, can stretch the wool or put strain on the stitching.
  6. Fit Finally, make sure that the suit fits in the first place! A poor fit will put strain on the stitching..Call 0800 0274430 or contact us here for more information. We have fitting locations in London: Liverpool St, Savile Row and Charing Cross; Nottingham; Leeds; Wilmslow and Surbiton. We also have a new store in Amersham.

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