Style Options – Getting the details right

Beware of the man who won’t be bothered with details – William Feather (1908 – 1976)

Last month we offered tips on how to best to accessorise a suit. This month we’re focusing on the details which really count – the style options.

Part of the pleasure of ordering a bespoke suit is the opportunity that arises to add a touch of individuality to your design. In contrast to a dull, carbon copy off-the-peg suit, a bespoke suit invites you to show some of your own personality and style.

Below are just a handful of our favourite style options – from the sublime to the… not so sublime!

  1. Embroidery. Most customers choose to have their initials or name embroidered on the inside of their suit. It’s fun, totally unique and it means that every time you slide that jacket on you are reminded it was made for you and you
  2. Lining. The lining is your chance to show your personality, or to match your pinstripe, check or (in the case of a wedding) to compliment the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Whatever you choose, it’s an opportunity for expression that’s not to be missed.
  3. Pocket square. Every King & Allen suit has a unique feature – that will always remain our little secret! Pull out the lining of your welt pocket and it becomes a pocket square – in the colour of your lining. Keep it hidden or show some flare – depending on your mood.
  4. Buttons. Although the buttons are small, they can pack a huge punch. A contrast colour (e.g. white buttons, light blue cloth) will completely transform the look of a suit.

    whilst wooden, leather or horn buttons exude quality and expense…


  5. Working cuffs. The origins of working cuffs is a widely debated topic (in our circles anyway!), but one theory is that they enabled surgeons to roll their sleeves up so they could operate without dropping their sartorial standards. Regardless of the derivation, working cuffs have always been one of the tell-tale signs of a bespoke suit, and it’s lovely to be able to continue that tradition.
  6. Coloured stitching. Why not draw a little attention to that working cuff with some subtle coloured stitching – perhaps to compliment the colour of your lining?style-options-getting-it-right-working-cuffs-colour

    Or for the adventurous there’s the option of a coloured boutonnière…


    or a coloured button on your waistcoat…


    However, if you want to be understated you could have the cotton that attaches your buttons to your suit in a colour of your choice. Subtle, and beautiful.


  7. Coloured Melton. The great thing about a melton is that it’s only seen when the suit is hanging up, so there’s an opportunity to really have some fun with colour. You could also have your name (or a secret message) embroidered there. It’s time to let your imagination run wild…

The above is just a handful of the plethora of options available. For more information please get in touch. We’d be happy to take a look at any special requests you might have.

Call 0800 0274430 or contact us here for more information. We have fitting locations in London: Liverpool St, Savile Row and Charing Cross; Nottingham; Leeds; Wilmslow and Surbiton. We also have a new store in Amersham


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