Sports Personality of the Year – Bradley Wiggins

A huge congratulations to Bradley Wiggins who has won Sports Personality of the Year 2012.

From the King & Allen blog - Bradley Wiggins wins Sports Personality of the Year

It certainly has been an amazing year for sport but ‘Wiggers’ was King & Allen’s favourite to win by a country mile, in part because of his sporting achievements this year, in part because he puts the ‘Personality’ into the term ‘Sports Personality’, but mainly because the man wears such extremely good suits! Indeed, winning SPOTY was not just the culmination of his sporting year – it’s also been a fantastic sartorial 12 months as well. Last night’s double breasted midnight blue evening suit was a celebration of the tailoring journey he’s been on – from classic mod to modern day style icon…

From the King & Allen blog - Bradley Wiggins wears silver mohair

Let’s start at the beginning with a classic mod suit: high cut collar, narrow notched lapels, 6 button waistcoat, slim trousers and a button down shirt collar – all wrapped up in a sharkskin silver mohair. This is basically a carbon copy of the suit Sting wears in the seminal film Quadrophenia, and no self -respecting mod wardrobe should be without one.

Another absolute must for the aspiring mod – a photo with hair twin Paul Weller. This suit is also made from mohair – this time in royal blue (to compliment the occasion of meeting Mod royalty!). I particularly like the accessories: the white buttons, the aubergine brogues and the elongated shirt collar. Note as well that the trousers are about 1.5cms shorter than they ‘should be’ – another nod to the mod era.
Now things start to get really interesting as BW begins to experiment with high cut double breasted…

Bradley is 6 foot 3 and stick thin so his clothes need to give him shape that, to be frank, he doesn’t have. This suit is a stroke of tailoring genius, and here is why:

1. Broad, bold chalk stripes serve to widen the body. The heavy lines accentuate shape (most notably around the midriff) where truthfully he has very little. Very clever.
2. The broad lapels not only look great, but create the illusion of wider shoulders. The peak lapel works as an arrow pointing outwards, drawing the eye away from the neck to give more of a contrast between the shoulder width and the narrowest point of his torso (parallel to the ticket pocket). Once again this creates that hourglass shape that all men (and their tailors) aspire to.
3. The high buttons and resulting high gorge also trick the eye into thinking the body is shorter and wider than it truly is. (Imagine the opposite– a long shawl lapel leading to one button. It would make him look 70 feet tall.)
4. The double breasted style also widens the body, and by swapping the dark buttons for white ones the illusion is highlighted.
5. Finally, the look is truly striking: a modern day take on the classic mod style. It therefore suits Bradley’s ‘man about town’ personality.

Here we have a very similar outfit – this time in Prince of Wales (Glennurquhart) check. This, gentleman, is the kind of suit that gets you GQ awards and hugs from Liam Gallagher.

This suit sports large turn ups on comparatively wide trousers – again this is a clever tailoring trick to make Bradley’s legs look shorter and wider than they truly are. It’s also very cool.
You may have noticed that all of these suits sport a ticket pocket – a third pocket on the right hand side of the jacket. This is another nod to the mod era (all mod suits have them), but it is also yet another helpful tactic for the taller, leaner man. In short – a good rule of thumb is to avoid vast expanses of ‘empty’ cloth, and a ticket pocket (as well as the added buttons that double breasted provide) are a great solution.
And so to the suit he wore for SPOTY.

All the hallmarks were there: the double breasted jacket, the white buttons, the wide lapels… only this time he has taken the look one stage further and experimented with cloth, opting for a rich midnight blue velvet. This is essentially the ‘evening wear culmination’ of all the other suits we have looked at today and, like the night itself, and the year it represents, was an absolute triumph.

King & Allen salutes an icon in the ascendance – well done Wiggo!

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