King & Allen celebrate: The Overcoat


If you are new to King & Allen you may not be aware that in the months of November and December, as the cold weather begins to set in, we offer our customers an outstanding offer on an overcoat. This year is no exception and we are giving you a £200 discount with any suit purchase. This means a bespoke overcoat starts at £99!

To celebrate this fabulous opportunity, one of our tailoring consultants, Joyce Addai-Davis, tells the story of the overcoat from its origins in regency England to the latest styles from the streets of Italy:

According to Antonio from the Art of Manliness: ‘wearing the right overcoat is an unspoken ticket to receiving the best service at a restaurant; making a good first impression at meeting and ultimately invites a level of respect for any man irrespective of his social status’.


The Chesterfield overcoat was the first of it’s kind and was said to have been invented by the 6th Earl of Chesterfield in the mid 19th century, during the regency era – a period of great excess within the aristocratic world – characterized by distinctive trends within fashion.

This inspired many other variations including the Topcoat, Greatcoat, Trench coat, Paletot (double breasted great coat) and Polo Coat. These variations are not as heavy and are little more fitted to the body than the original Chesterfield.



The original Chesterfield was described as being dark, single breasted with no waist darts as it was originally designed to be worn loosely over a suit.


George Stanhope 6th Earl Chesterfield, 1860.

George Stanhope 6th Earl Chesterfield, 1860.


The modern day overcoat

These days overcoats are as much a stylish compliment to a great suit as they are a utilitarian garment with the sole purpose of keeping the wearer warm. Due to new fabric technologies and the advent of central heating and air con, it is no longer necessary for overcoats to be made from heavy weight cloths. The fact is that the modern suit wearer is never out in the cold for that long.

The images below are from street style guru The Sartorialist, shot on the streets of Italy:


The above is a tweed Paletot inspired from the greatcoat, worn by this gentlemen during Pitti Uomo show in Florence, Italy. It is very style orientated and exquisitely shaped around the body. The combination of colours: greens, browns and blues are cleverly incorporated to make his look sartorially elegant.

Camel coats, originally sported by Polo players, have seen a significant resurgence in recent years.

Camel hair is soft and lightweight – and therefore very comfortable. It is also very good at insulating the wearer from extreme weathers.

The camel hair coat can also be worn as part of a more relaxed, day wear look.

The camel hair coat can also be worn as part of a more relaxed, day wear look.



A three button, midnight blue, Chesterfield inspired overcoat.

Simplicity is key in this look. This gentleman keeps his look minimal by matching his accessories and allowing his coat to take center-stage. Note the single button done up at the top.

In conclusion – the overcoat is a simple, practical and stylish addition to any man’s wardrobe. The advantage of going bespoke is that the coat will sit well on the shoulders and around the middle – where an off the peg garment will often be baggy. The ability to choose your own length is also of great significance. Get it right and the overcoat can make you look taller, slimmer and more elegant. Get it wrong and it can be extremely unflattering.

If you’d like to know more, or you wish to take advantage of our overcoat offer, please get in touch.

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