Icon of the Month – Paul Weller

For over 40 years, Paul Weller has encapsulated the marriage between style and music. Having formed two of the most influential bands of their respective eras – The Jam (1976-1982) and The Style Council (1983-1989), he went out on his own and last year released his 12th solo album.

From the very early days of his career, Weller’s style has been as iconic as his music – and the two are heavily interwoven:

I was immersed in the mod thing, and I thought: “The band should look like this as well.”

Affectionately nicknamed The Modfather since 1990, Weller has almost single-headedly kept the mod flame alight, with his notoriously sharp, fitted tailoring. Weller is a suit aficionado and is rarely seen out of one, with a particular penchant for double breasted cuts and pin-stripes, as well as classic mohairs from the mod era.  

Often combining traditional cuts with bold fabrics and bright colourful shirts, he is a fantastic sartorial role model for any K&A customers who refuse to grow old gracefully. And why the hell should you?

Below is a selection of our favourite Paul Weller suits from across the years:

Paul Weller & Pete Townsend

The epitome of mod style – hanging out with Pete Townsend in a 3 button fitted suit.

Paul Weller in Double-Breasted Jacket

Impeccably tailored in double breasted woollen jacket and suit trousers.

Paul Weller in Checked Grey Suit

The perfect gentleman, in light grey windowpane check

Paul Weller in Double-Breasted Jacket

An elegant pairing of high cut double breasted and flannel trousers.

Paul Weller in 4x6 double-breasted jacket

Yet another beautiful 4 show 6 double breasted suit, with some fantastic accessories.

Paul Weller in The Style Council

The Style Council – so called for good reason.

Paul Weller in 2x2 Double-breasted Jacket

Mixing old and new – soft tailored double breasted and Nehru collared shirt.

Paul Weller in Unusual 3 Piece Suit

The most interesting garment here is the waistcoat – 7 button with square hem.

Paul Weller in The Jam

Kicking out The Jams – in 1978

Paul Weller in Pinstripe 3 Piece Suit

We love the wide lapels and bold self-stripe – not to mention the shoes and the pocket square!

Paul Weller on a Vespa

Paul Weller + Vespa + sunglasses + cigarette + ‘tonic’ mohair suit = 100% pure Mod


Feeling inspired? Please do get in touch if you’d like us to recreate any of these looks for you.

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