We celebrate one of the best cloths on the planet – by offering a £200 discount on it!

As regular King & Allen customers will know we have a very close relationship with Holland & Sherry. We love the quality of their cloths and the huge choice they offer. We send them a huge amount of business and in return they give us generous discounts, which we pass on to our customers. It’s just one of the factors that enable King & Allen to offer outstanding value for money.


This month we’ve done a special deal with H&S that means we can offer Stitch readers an enormous £200 discount off any suit ordered in their fantastic Crispaire cloth.


Crispaire is one the most versatile, practical and beautiful cloths in our fabric arsenal. Firstly, it has a unique dry handle (a bit like mohair, but more matt). Secondly you can scrunch the fabric in your fist, let go and it will simply spring back to shape without creasing. Usually this is only possible on a heavy cloth, but Crispaire is 9-10 oz – making it ideal for Spring, Summer or for anyone that ‘runs a little hot’.


Crispaire is therefore perfect for the traveller who needs to take his suit out of a bag then wear it for a few days in a row without it looking creased, and for the wedding guest who wants to looks as sharp at midnight as he did at midday!

Usual Price for a two piece suit in Half Canvass: £899       OFFER PRICE: £699

Usual price for a two piece suit in Full Canvass: £1199     OFFER PRICE: £999

This offer is for a limited period only. Conditions Apply

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