The politics of clothing: suffragettes, suits and solidarity.


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Paddington Bear: An Unlikely Style Icon


Crombie Overcoats Worn by Suedeheads

The History of the Overcoat: From the Military to 20th Century Subculture


Holland & Sherry Herringbone Linen

The History of Herringbone


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A Brief History of Trousers


The History of the Cufflink

Although historians have observed the presence of cufflinks in ancient Egyptian paintings, the cufflink as we know it dates back to the 17th century, before which time sleeves were buttoned or tied at the wrist in bows. When they first emerged they were exclusively worn by the aristocracy and were predominantly made from gold and adorned by ... More

The History of the Necktie

"A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life" - Oscar Wilde As with so many fashions across the centuries, the necktie has its roots in military history. Evidence of the tie as military uniform dates back as far as 210BC and China’s first emperor – Qin Shih Huang. The emperor had originally wanted to be buried with his entire ... More

The History of the Suit Jacket

Practical, comfortable, smart and flattering, no other garment has impacted menswear quite like the humble suit jacket. In the following article we trace the steps of this hugely important garment, from the work attire of 15th century peasant farmers to the two buttoned, single breasted style icon that hangs in your wardrobe… The jacket ... More

The History of the Shirt

The shirt has been the staple in every man’s wardrobe for centuries. It is the thread that ties the suit together (excuse the pun!) and completes the sartorial look. Without it the suit is incomplete. This month our guest blogger, King & Allen’s very own Joyce Addai-Davis, explores the rich history of this simple yet hugely ... More