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5 Pieces of Outwear that Every Man Should Own

5 Pieces of Outerwear that Every Man Should Own


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How Should a Suit Fit?

How Should a Suit Fit? Advice from the Experts


How to Wear Summer Tailoring

How to Wear a Suit in a Heatwave


RIP Nigel Farage – Long Live the Double-Breasted Suit!

There are so many reasons to dislike Nigel Farage, it’s hard to know where to start. However, since this is a menswear blog we’ll sideline the politics for now and focus on just how much we loathe his style... Nigel Farage and the Double-Breasted Suit For years the double-breasted suit was considered the epitome of naffness. For the ... More

Tailoring for the Tall Slim Man

11 Tailoring Tips for the Tall, Slim Man

When it comes to getting suiting right as a tall, slim man, it’s all about proportion. Some tall men have long legs, some have a long body. Your tailor will do most of the hard work for you to ensure your suit perfectly compliments your body shape. However, there are a number of factors worth considering that are your decision. Be... More

6 ways to outdress your boss without outshining your boss…

It used to be that the boss got his suits tailored and everyone else had to settle for off-the-peg. Then, in April 2004, the tectonic plates shifted, the moons and the stars aligned and a new industry was born that enabled anyone and everyone to enjoy the once hallowed experience of having a piece of cloth cut to your own taste, require... More

What does ‘Worsted’ mean?

Gorge, melton, baste, handle, pitch, twill… the world of bespoke tailoring is blessed with a rich and expressive vocabulary. Many of the terms are as old as the industry itself, and are seldom used outside the world of suiting. As a result they can be confusing, ambiguous or even misleading, and over the years this blog has sought to ease ... More

King & Allen Purple Mohair Mod Coat

The King & Allen Spring / Summer Collection – 2016

In previous collections we have made every effort to push the boundaries of what’s possible in tailoring, often using the most avant garde cloths and designs - with a view to showcasing the latest styles from the the men’s fashion weeks of Paris. Milan, New York and of course London. For this season, however, we have been a little ... More