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Leonard Cohen Wide Pinstripe Suit

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Jean Cocteau 3 Piece Suit

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Lucy Spraggan Bespoke Wedding Suit

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Icon of the Month – Daniel Radcliffe

While so many other child stars have gone off the rails or disappeared into obscurity, Daniel Radcliffe has managed to steer the post-Potter course exceptionally well, choosing very different roles and therefore avoiding the inevitable pigeon-holing. His style is very much a reflection of this desire to show his breadth of character. He’s ... More

Icon of the Month – Tom Hiddleston

You have to feel sorry for Tom Hiddleston. Just as his rumoured romance with pop royalty Taylor Swift hits the tabloids, the global political stage implodes and no one pays a blind bit of notice. Still, we’ve all had a difficult month… Regardless of ‘Hiddleswift’ column inches, there’s no denying that the young British actor’s ... More

Icon of the Month – Paul Weller

For over 40 years, Paul Weller has encapsulated the marriage between style and music. Having formed two of the most influential bands of their respective eras - The Jam (1976-1982) and The Style Council (1983-1989), he went out on his own and last year released his 12th solo album. From the very early days of his career, Weller’s style ... More