London Fashion Week Mens January 2017

Icon(s) of the Month: The London Fashion Week Men’s Committee 2017


Sean Connery Dr No Dinner Suit

The James Bond Guide to Black Tie


Leonard Cohen Wide Pinstripe Suit

Icon of the Month: Leonard Cohen’s Suit Collection


Barack Obama in a Navy Blue Suit with a Blue Checked Tie

Icon of the Month: Barack Obama and his Tailored “Uniform”


Jean Cocteau 3 Piece Suit

Icon of the Month: The Sartorial Elegance of Jean Cocteau


Tinie Tempah Pale Grey Suit Jacket

Icon of the Month: 7 of our Favourite Tinie Tempah Suits


Lucy Spraggan Bespoke Wedding Suit

When King & Allen made Lucy Spraggan her Wedding Suit

An interview with singer songwriter, Lucy Spraggan, on that time we made her a wedding suit. When former X Factor contestant, Lucy Spraggan, came to us for her wedding suit, we knew we would be creating something truly unique. Lucy and her fiancé had been to a few different tailors in the lead up to their wedding, but never felt ... More

How to dress right for your height: the shorter, larger man.

As with so much in life: drinking, eating, staying up late… it’s all about balance. Looking fantastic in a suit when you’re small and a little overweight is no exception. Put on an off-the-peg jacket at home and stand sideways to a mirror. The distance between the back of the jacket and the floor and the front of the jacket and ... More

Icon of the Month – Daniel Radcliffe

While so many other child stars have gone off the rails or disappeared into obscurity, Daniel Radcliffe has managed to steer the post-Potter course exceptionally well, choosing very different roles and therefore avoiding the inevitable pigeon-holing. His style is very much a reflection of this desire to show his breadth of character. He’s ... More

RIP Nigel Farage – Long Live the Double-Breasted Suit!

There are so many reasons to dislike Nigel Farage, it’s hard to know where to start. However, since this is a menswear blog we’ll sideline the politics for now and focus on just how much we loathe his style... Nigel Farage and the Double-Breasted Suit For years the double-breasted suit was considered the epitome of naffness. For the ... More