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Barack Obama in a Navy Blue Suit with a Blue Checked Tie

Icon of the Month: Barack Obama and his Tailored “Uniform”


How to Wear Summer Tailoring

How to Wear a Suit in a Heatwave


King & Allen explains: “The Finishing Process: Handle & Drape”

Before the finishing process, cloth is usually hard, unworkable and unpleasant to touch. ‘Finishing’ is what gives a cloth its handle and drape – its two most significant characteristics. Handle is how the fabric feels to the touch. Is it smooth or rough? Soft or hard? There are various ways to test a cloth’s handle such as ... More

Button Tab Side Adjusters on Bespoke Trousers

Why should you invest in 2nd trousers?

Before we start this list, it’s important to bear in mind that a well-kept jacket can last a lifetime. For trousers this is much more of a challenge. There are three reasons why it’s highly recommended that you invest in a second pair of trousers for your suit: Wear and tear. The natural toing and froing of the male thigh does no ... More

The K&A Guide to Dressing for work

Want to look great for work? Want to rise through the ranks like the proverbial phoenix? Of course you do! Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be breaking glass ceilings in no time… The Suit Cloth The colour, pattern, texture and quality of the cloth are hugely significant to the look and feel of a suit. Grey. Blue and ... More

The K&A Guide to Socks

When considering your outfit in the mornings, perhaps the farthest thing from your mind will be the pair of socks you’re going to wear. After all, they aren’t going to make or break an outfit. Socks are just a subtle accessory and are therefore often passed over, but a good pair of socks can add fantastic flair - especially to a suit. ... More

5 suits every gentleman should own

The following is by no means a definitive list, as we all have different requirements for our suits. Indeed, one of the benefits of going bespoke is that you can tailor (ahem) your order to suit (so sorry) your individual requirements. This list is meant as a guideline, to help you ascertain what may or may not be missing from your ... More

David Gandy Navy Three Piece Suit

David Gandy – Top Ten Three Piece Suits


Icon of the Month Special – Nick Wooster

Every month in the King & Allen e-magazine, The Stitch , we feature a famous person who dresses well. In the latest edition we celebrate a person who is becoming famous because he dresses well. Nick Wooster is a style blogger and retail advisor based in New York, whose ability to consistently put a great outfit together has made him a ... More