The Jacket Pockets of a Bespoke Suit

The Complete Anatomy of a Bespoke Suit


Buttons - Style Options

It’s All in the Suit Details…


King & Allen Pinstripe Business Suit

11 Tailoring Tips for the Tall, Slim Man


Belt Loops vs Side Adjusters

Belt Loops vs Side Adjusters: How to Wear Your Suit Trousers


How Should a Suit Fit?

How Should a Suit Fit? Advice from the Experts


King & Allen explains: “The Finishing Process: Handle & Drape”

Before the finishing process, cloth is usually hard, unworkable and unpleasant to touch. ‘Finishing’ is what gives a cloth its handle and drape – its two most significant characteristics. Handle is how the fabric feels to the touch. Is it smooth or rough? Soft or hard? There are various ways to test a cloth’s handle such as ... More

What does ‘Worsted’ mean?

Gorge, melton, baste, handle, pitch, twill… the world of bespoke tailoring is blessed with a rich and expressive vocabulary. Many of the terms are as old as the industry itself, and are seldom used outside the world of suiting. As a result they can be confusing, ambiguous or even misleading, and over the years this blog has sought to ease ... More

King & Allen Bespoke Wedding Dinner Suit

How to Choose Your Wedding Suit


Button Tab Side Adjusters on Bespoke Trousers

Why should you invest in 2nd trousers?

Before we start this list, it’s important to bear in mind that a well-kept jacket can last a lifetime. For trousers this is much more of a challenge. There are three reasons why it’s highly recommended that you invest in a second pair of trousers for your suit: Wear and tear. The natural toing and froing of the male thigh does no ... More

The K&A Guide to Bespoke Shirts

Hopefully you’ll be taking advantage of our fantastic summer offer, which means that in the near future you’ll be enjoying the process of choosing a bespoke shirt (for free!). As with suits, there are a number of choices you’ll need to make – which is of course part of the fun! It goes without saying that you’ll have a ... More