The K&A Guide to bespoke shirts…

Hopefully you’ll be taking advantage of our fantastic summer offer, which means that in the near future you’ll be enjoying the process of choosing a bespoke shirt (for free!). As with suits, there are a number of choices you’ll need to make – which is of course part of the fun! It goes without saying that you’ll have a ... More

Would you like a FREE bespoke shirt worth £110?

Of course you would! For a very limited time only we’re giving away a free bespoke shirt – worth £110 - with every suit purchase. So if you buy 3 suits - you get 3 free shirts! With suits starting at £399… what’s not to love? Book now to take advantage of this fantastic offer. Ends 30th September. One per customer. ... More

Icon of the Month – Roger Federer

Roger Federer played in his 10th Wimbledon final on Sunday - more than any player (he won 7 of them) - so it seems highly appropriate that he should be King & Allen’s Icon Of the Month for July 2015… As well as one of the world’s most successful living sportsmen (earning more from endorsements than anyone else - $58m), Federer is ... More

Summer Separates

Summer events (especially weddings abroad) are becoming increasingly casual. This is actually quite a challenge for the male guests – how to respect the formality of the occasion without looking too business-like and/or getting too hot. The answer is what we’re calling ‘Summer Separates’ – mixing a suit jacket with more ... More

The King & Allen Guide to: Vegan Suits


King & Allen celebrate: Linen

History Linen is one of the first products known to civilised man, dating back 30,000 years. As well as clothing, it was used for sails, rope, fishing nets, linseed oil and even currency. Indeed, the Latin for flax (the plant from which it is extracted) is linen usitatissimum (extremely useful!). Linen is also extremely hard-weari... More

Summer Suit Style Inspiration

Whilst the winter months lend themselves better to the darker hues of blue, grey and black, the summer allows the opportunity to try something a little different. Get inspired with these bold, colourful ideas to improve your summer style:   1. Bold Check - Not ready for a full check suit yet? Why not start to work it into your ... More

The History of the Necktie

"A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life" - Oscar Wilde As with so many fashions across the centuries, the necktie has its roots in military history. Evidence of the tie as military uniform dates back as far as 210BC and China’s first emperor – Qin Shih Huang. The emperor had originally wanted to be buried with his entire ... More

Icon of the Month – Tom Hardy

As the star of Mad Max: Fury Road , Tom Hardy is Hollywood’s man of the moment. What makes him so beguiling as an actor is his volatility, and if the rumours are true his wild man persona on film is merely an extension of his real world self. But in a movie world brimming with polite, charming English actors, it’s this sense of danger ... More

3 Peas in a Pod

With everything else about them under such close scrutiny over the last few weeks, it seems appropriate to take a look at the ‘style’ of the three opponents as well. In an election which was heavily criticised for its middle-of-the-road policies and lack of hard-line opinion, one could easily argue that the sartorial decisions of ... More