A Short History of the Dinner Suit

A classic peak lapel, 2 button dinner jacket

A classic peak lapel, 2 button dinner jacket

It is an intriguing reflection of our times that the dinner suit, currently the most formal of two-piece suits, was originally the least formal form of attire in a man’s wardrobe. Indeed, it was conceived as a casual alternative to evening dress, for smaller, more relaxed engagements and still to this day is very much seen as an evening garment.

The term black tie suit descended from white tie suit, which was the official attire for evening formalwear (and still is in ‘high society’). The black tie suit only became the tuxedo when it crossed the Atlantic.

Just so there is no ambiguity: dinner suits, black tie suits, dinner jackets, DJs and tuxedos are all the same garment.

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