6 ways to outdress your boss without outshining your boss…

Dressing well for the office but don't outshine the boss!

Dressing well for the office but don’t outshine the boss!

It used to be that the boss got his suits tailored and everyone else had to settle for off-the-peg. Then, in April 2004, the tectonic plates shifted, the moons and the stars aligned and a new industry was born that enabled anyone and everyone to enjoy the once hallowed experience of having a piece of cloth cut to your own taste, requirements and, most importantly, body shape. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and we thought we’d offer up a few tips to ensure that your office elegance doesn’t lead you into trouble…

  1. Make sure you are dressing within the parameters of the company culture.
  2. Communication is key. Make it clear to your boss and colleagues that you are into style, that dressing well increases your confidence and makes you feel comfortable. This will reassure your boss that there’s no power struggle going on.
  3. Start slowly, and build up to the style you are comfortable with.
  4. Be consistent. Don’t just pull out the three piece when you know the boss is going to be present.
  5. If in doubt, don’t overdo it. As with everything surrounding office politics, it’s about reading the room. If you’re not doing that properly, it will come back and bite you.
  6. If you’re raising the bar and other people in the office are following suit (no pun intended) this can only be a good thing, and will only reflect well on you.

Final thought: any employer who looks unfavourably on you for having style and taking pride in your appearance may not be worth working for.

As for driving a better car than your boss? That’s a whole new set of issues…

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