5 Reasons Why Winter favours the suit wearer

There’s no denying that the summer has its merits, but for the suit aficionado winter is undoubtedly the best season. Here’s why:

  1. You get to wear a waistcoat – all the time!

I’ve written about my passion for waistcoats before. They look amazing, they are extremely slimming and they add a layer of warmth – just where the jacket exposes you to the elements.



  1. You get to wear a tie – all the time!

Wearing a tie is NOT uncomfortable. This is a misnomer. Wearing an ill-fitting shirt collar is uncomfortable. If your shirt fits you well you won’t even notice you’re wearing a tie, you’ll just get to enjoy the scope for added colour, texture and pattern that comes with this, the simplest yet most effective of all the accessories.



  1. Winter cloths.

There’s something about winter cloths (12-14oz) – especially those with a milled/flannel finish – that make a suit look extraordinarily luxurious and well-made. It’s not just the look and feel, but the way the fabric flawlessly drapes over the body.

You can wear your bespoke suit jacket underneath your tailored winter coat


  1. The magical pairing of overcoat and umbrella.

If the winter suit is the armour that guards you from the elements, the overcoat and umbrella is the shield and sword – battling and conquering whatever the season throws at you.

The classic King and Allen tailored overcoat will last for years

  1. You get to show off your melton.

The melton is the small strip of cloth on the back of the jacket collar. At King & Allen you can not only choose your colour, but also have anything you like embroidered into it. I like to do both, but I rarely get to show it off. A bracing winter wind is the perfect excuse.


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